Zoo guests brawl in front of animals who then start fighting each other too

A brutal scrap between visitors to a wildlife park in Beijing shockingly inspired the animals to go at it themselves.

The scenes at Beijing Wildlife Park were ugly on August 7 as two groups of tourists threw haymakers, aimed kicks, and pulled hair.

The park explained on WeChat that the altercation started as a trivial verbal argument between two people, but quickly the affair got out of hand. The footage has since gone viral on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform.

One lady can be seen holding a young child in one hand as she repeatedly kicks at another lady on the floor.

A bystander attempts to usher her away from the combat zone before a man launches an MMA-style flying kick at her and the child.

Others can be seen nursing aching body parts and readjusting torn clothes.

Social media users said that the fight took place near the gorilla enclosure, meaning that the baffled bystanders weren't the only ones to see the chaos.

The park authorities said: "They shouted at each other, tore at each other and many tourists and animals were watching. The two sides reached a settlement after mediation."

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Local security guards were required to carry out the "mediation".

The park also said that this was the first time that the animals had seen humans fight, leading to another social media user to comment "it's their turn for the animals to enjoy a circus".

The brawl had left such a great impression on the animals that they started to fight each other in the evening, leading to zookeepers having to step in.

The park said that the situation between the animals soon "got out of control", and that the zookeepers had to show the animals that "fighting is bad, really bad".

Beijing Wildlife Park will be hoping all visitors are on their best behaviour from now on – who knows what else the monkeys may see and do?

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