Young mums urgent warning after baby son passed out from eating laundry pod

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A stark warning about keeping cleaning supplies out of the reach of children has been given by a mum after her son fell unconscious when he ate a washing machine liquid pod.

Megan Woods, 18, found her son Tommy stuffing a pod in his mouth after turning her back for a split second.

She rushed him to A&E, after calling 111, and he very quickly lost consciousness.

The pods, which are poisonous, can cause throat burns, breathing problems, coma and death.

The boy did vomit up most of the Fair pod during the journey to hospital, and was sent home to recover after hospital test.

The mum, from Norfolk, said: “It was a normal day with Tommy until I turned around for just a moment and he had a pod in his hand.

“I was in shock and took it off him – but there isn't really a guide on what to do when this happens.

“In the car on the way to the hospital he was being sick and kept going in and out of consciousness.

“I remember trying to wake him up but I couldn't do it.

“After a couple of days he was back to his old self – but I want remind people to double and triple check everything is out of reach of kids.

It was on December 8, when Tommy crawled to a pod his mum assumed was out of reach – it was located inside a cupboard.

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Tommy then began to cry, while his mum rinsed his mouth out.

Megan and 21-year-old partner Harry Palmer took the tot to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, where doctors confirmed that he would be ok.

She added: “After the hospital I felt really guilty about what had happened – but when I asked other mums some said they had experienced similar.

“I thought he couldn't get in that cupboard but somehow he did.

“Please double check every seal, lock, cupboard, as it only takes two seconds for a child to grab it and pop it in their mouth.”

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