Yob who put flare up bum while wearing £545 hat tells of 15-hour Wembley bender

A yob whose backside was seen by the nation desperately gripping onto a lit flare before the Euro 2020 final has revealed the details behind his mammoth bender and storming of Wembley Stadium.

Charlie Perry, 25, threw himself into the mayhem of the final game on Sunday and didn't look back after necking 20 cans of Strongbow and stuffing substances up his nose, reports The Sun.

The Wembley gatecrasher ridiculed security at the national stadium and admitted bypassing stewards with bungs and bribes to watch the England Euro 2020 final.

Perry, a roofer from Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, was in barn-storming form when he was filmed putting a burning red flare in his backside in London's Leicester Square after downing drinks since 8.30am.

Perry said: “After 18 months of misery, I thought it would bring the England fans together. There were thousands of fans in Leicester Square, the atmosphere was amazing

"Everyone was fooling around, there was a bit of a competition to do stuff so I just thought I’d put the flare up my bum."

The wazzock told the publication that he “banged a load” of “powder” throughout Sunday but still managed to stroll into Wembley to claim a seat.

Perry said: “It was the biggest day of my life. There were no rules that day. All I know is that I loved it all. I was off my face and I loved every minute.”

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The 25-year-old admitted to being an experienced “gibber” – someone who breaks into stadiums without paying – and had already done the same for the semi-final against Denmark.

Perry was initially rebuffed and refused entry for the final but the cheeky chap removed his £545 bucket hat and jumper then chanced it at a different entrance where he gave a steward “a little backhander".

To pass through the turnstile he bribed a fan to let him follow them through the gate, bringing his total daily bung figure to £250.

Perry, who has a tattoo on one of his buttocks that reads “Benidorm Bunters”, refused to apologise for his antics.

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“Nah, no way. I’m not saying sorry,” Perry said.

Outraged fans believe that the behaviour of those who broke into Wembley could mean that the UK and Ireland's bid for the World Cup 2030 ends in failure.

Perry and his friends plan to visit Qatar for next year's World Cup and he praised the England squad for their performance this year.

The English FA will launch an investigation into how so many fans were able to break through security into Wembley.

Criticisms have been aimed at the police for their failure to not build a wall of officers around the stadium to protect it.

Defending the police the Met’s Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors said: “I do not accept that the policing operation failed and I stand by the difficult decisions made by police officers and the Met’s public order commanders.

"Without their immediate intervention, it is possible that this game could have been abandoned. The ugly scenes at Wembley will rightly be reviewed by the Football Association and by police."

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