Worst Subway in London where staff wipe their noses and throw cookies at you

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Scathing reviews have described Subway’s Bloomsbury branch as “The Worst Subway shop in London”.

One TripAdvisor review claimed how a member of staff “wiped his nose” and then didn’t wash his hands before putting some gloves on to make a customer’s sandwich.

Describing the staff as “dirty”, the disgusted customer added “avoid like the plague!”.

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Another rather disappointed customer claimed how a rogue member of staff ran amok after being asked for a meatball sub.

“I asked for some meatballs to be heated up,” they wrote. “The member of staff said no.

“His attitude was rude & arrogant. I tried to take a photo of him & he went crazy. Shouting & swearing in front of a family with young children."

They then claimed things got even worse: “He picked up the display cabinet of cookies & tried to throw it at me. His manager had to hold him back from physically assaulting me.

“He came outside the shop & followed me down the road shouting abuse."

Another TripAdvisor review said the “shocking” Subway branch should be closed down over claims it was dirty, and the staff rude.

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“The air conditioning had failed so it was unbearably hot,” they said, “it was dirty with untidy tables, and the ice machine didn’t work.

“Add to that the staff were clearly very disgruntled with their management to the point one of them swore within earshot of my 8 year old, and you have a pretty bad combination.”

The Daily Star has approached Subway regarding the TripAdvisor reviews, and has yet to receive a reply.


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