World Cup fans given telling-off from Qatari police for singing on metro

Merry World Cup fans were told they were chanting too loudly by cops in Qatar after a complaint from an irritated local on the metro.

Police officers stamped their authority on the fans, who appeared to be from Ecuador and reluctantly agreed to keep the noise down after receiving a stern talking to.

The annoyed bloke reportedly stormed through the carriage to find the authorities and gestured to his head to show the noise was giving him a headache, according to the Express.

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It comes after leaders in Qatar – who have a disgusting disregard for human rights and treat groups including the LGBT community, women and migrant workers with brutality – told travelling World Cup fans to respect their culture.

As well as tension over the volume of chants, dedicated followers of their national team who made the journey to the controversial Middle Eastern country have also had arguments over their clothing.

One Wales fan saw their rainbow bucket hat confiscated whilst they were going through security.

And a supporter from the United States who was carrying a small rainbow flag on his way to the stadium reportedly faced a death threat from a local who told him it was “banned” in the country.

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FIFA and officials from Qatar were forced to hold meetings before the tournament to urge local cops to show restraint when dealing with behaviour that would be common practise throughout England, Europe and America but highly offensive in their culture.

Whilst last week a Danish TV crew were approached while they live on air by security staff whothreatened to break their camera.

They were issued with an apology from Qatar's Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, who said the journalists were "mistakenly interrupted".

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