Womans pal gives feedback on her pictures saying your rolls arent cute

A woman has revealed her dismay after she asked a "friend" in what order she should post her pictures on social media, but instead got unsolicited feedback about her appearance including "your rolls aren't cute."

The woman, a college student who goes by @camsterrr on Twitter, said she was trying to co-ordinate the order in which to post a string of photos online when she decided to ask a friend for help.

The dancer and tarot reader from Illinois, US wrote online: "My pics vs the feedback I got from my ‘friend’ when I sent them to her."

She followed with: "To be clear I sent her these asking what order should I put them in, not if they were cute or not lol I liked all of the pics and got the clip unloaded on me unprovoked."

She then revealed a string of text messages her friend sent when she showed her the snaps.

In the first shocking message, her apparent friend wrote: "In the 3rd you look like you have a gut. That is also not cute."

She followed up with: "And you don't even have a gut. So the others cool, but them 2 no."

"That is the only reason why," she added. "You look beautiful n happy and that is all that matters but I personally wouldn't post them 2."

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In response to the friend's harsh appraisal, one person tweeted: "She didn’t have to body shame you to prove a point, so I get why you upset and feel this way."

Another said: "Screaming at ppl in the comments saying this is a 'small' situation like nooo if someone is talking like this to ur face who knows what they’re saying behind it!"

"It’s giving mad jealousy & hella body shaming, the girls is just rude as sh**," another added.

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