Womans nightmare as ATM shuts down after depositing over £200 cash in machine

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A woman was left fuming when an ATM machine accidentally shut down just after she deposited over $300 cash in it.

Emma, from Alabama in US, had just finished work and she drove to a local cash machine to drop off roughly $350 (£264) but the ATM turned off on its own.

"I just put over $300 in this f***ing machine…is this a f***ing joke?" she said while filming the TikTok video.

The ATM display monitor shows the Microsoft Windows 7 "shutting down" before it re-boots and turns on again.

Sitting inside her car, Emma looks completely shocked and says: "My card is in there too. It's one o'clock in the morning…haha.

"I'm pretty sure it's broken. I guess I'm just going to sit here until while it's doing something."

At this point, the computer screen pops up multiple new windows with a message saying "please wait while we load the application".

While sitting in her car and waiting the machine to re-start, the 25-year-old decides to have a "mental music break" and lip-syncs to Jay Z and Alicia Key's Empire State of Mind.

But after a long break, she is getting tired and explains: "It's even funnier, I'd just switched to Regions bank because BBVA merged PNC and somebody had stolen my debit card so I thought Regions would be a safer and better bet.

"Looks like I was f***ing wrong yet again!"

When the screen lights up again, it shows "Please wait…we apologise, this machine is currently unavailable. Thank you."

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"Are you f***ing kidding me?" Emma screams and ends the video.

Many viewers felt the anxiety in Emma and said it's their "worst nightmare ever".

Emma contacted the bank the next day and got a new debit card so she could access to her funds but the deposits hasn't gone through.

She was told by the staff that they had to open an investigation to the claim before they could return the money to her bank account.

Roughly two weeks later, Emma said she got her $350 back in her account.

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