Womans implant warning after new boobs gave her depression and palpitations

A health and wellness coach has said she "feels so much better" after she had her breast implants removed after they led to a variety of unwelcome side-effects and symptoms.

Safia Berrada, 27, from Miami, Florida, had her breast size increased with 650cc implants in August 2017 to increase her confidence and compliment her figure.

Safia was immediately happy with the results and felt confident she had made the right decision to go ahead with surgery, reports Mail Online.

However after a few months the 37-year-old began to notice she was experiencing unfamiliar symptoms such as chronic anxiety and depression.

Soon more unwelcome symptoms began to make their presence known such as a reduction in her libido and even heart palpitations.

She also felt the increased size of her breasts did not really fit in with her active lifestyle and looked "fake".

Safia said after "three to six" months that she was not feeling right with a number of troubling medical issues.

"I had included anxiety, extreme fatigue, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, vertigo, fever, chills, muscle weakness, temperature intolerance and sensitivity to light.

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"I also experienced hair loss, a choking feeling, ringing in my ears, decreased libido, mood swings, sharp pains in my breasts, inflammation, weight gain, heart palpitations and night sweats."

After a chat with a friend who had recently had her implants removed because of almost identical symptoms Safia realised that her breast increase could be responsible for her worsening health.

On January 25, 2021 Safia finally had her breast implants removed by surgeon Dr. David Rankin and feels she is back to her old self, with many friends saying she looks better than ever.

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"Following the procedure, people told me that I was glowing and I've made a good decision in removing them.

"Everyone noticed immediately that I looked healthier and happier without the implants.

"I feel so much better. There's nothing better than natural."

While breast implant illness is not officially recognised it is clear that more and more women appear to be recognising similar symptoms after getting implants.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it is "taking steps to better characterise [breast implant illness] and its risk factors"

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