Woman used fake rent-a-hitman website to try to assassinate husband

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A woman has been found guilty of attempting to hire an assassin to kill her husband.

Wendy Wein, 52, used the “Rent-A-Hitman Service Request Form” from joke website rentahitman.com to look for someone to murder her husband – who has not been named.

The owner of the website, Bob Innes, took her request straight to the police, according to local news reports.

Having agreed to pay a fictitious £3,500 fee, and a £100 deposit, an undercover policeman then posed as an assassin, arranging to meet the woman to discuss the killing, Monroe News reports.

She was then charged with solicitation to commit murder, and the illegal use of a computer to facilitate a crime.

She plead guilty to both crimes, the first of which carries a maximum life sentence – she is currently being held on a £350,000 bail.

The incident took place on July 17, 2020.

Michigan State Police Lieutenant, Brian Oleksyk could see the funny side, however.

He said: “I can’t believe someone would think that a website like this exists.”

The site was set up as a trap for those looking to commit such crimes, with the claim that it can “make any troubled relationship disappear.

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One fake review on the fake site – which now has worldwide notoriety thanks to Mrs Wein's act – said: “Caught my husband cheating with the babysitter and resolved after a free public relations consultation.

“I’m single again and looking to mingle.”

More than 130 potential murders have been stopped by the site's owner since he started it as a school project in 2005, he told local news channel WJBK News.

Having ignored it for three years, he went back in 2008 and found a “shocking” amount of requests.

He said: “There are 250-300 emails from people around the world asking for asset extraction.”

Wein will serve a minimum of nine years in prison.

She will appear in court again on Jan 13, 2022 for sentencing.

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