Woman in stitches at finding her dogs spitting image splattered in poo on car

A woman was stunned to see a bird poo land on her mum's car bonnet in the shape of her dog's face.

People often claim to have spotted the likes of Jesus and Elvis in toast or the clouds but one woman says her own dog was sketched out thanks to a bird's gift from above.

Hairdresser and waitress Nat Fabry, 50, was in hysterics at the sight of a "very clever bird's" artistry on her mother Sandra Fish's shiny white Ford Fiesta turned-canvas for dog etchings.

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The mother, 73, and daughter from Bournemouth, Dorset, were meeting for a coffee at a garden centre but couldn't leave the car park without marvelling at the creative dump.

"We found it hilarious and totally bizarre… a very clever bird," Nat told the Daily Star.

Since sharing a snap of Sandra's newly-embellished car bonnet on Facebook, Nat's friends have pointed out that its a spitting image of a Labrador.

The more Nat looks at it, though, she can see her family's dog Bentley.

Nat said: "We were meeting for a coffee at the local garden centre when she pulled up and showed it to me. She pointed it out to me and said it looked like a dog, we looked at it in more detail and actually saw our dog Bentley in the art. He is a cavapoo.

"I posted it on Facebook and lots of people suggested it looked like a Labrador."

What made the dirty surprise even funnier for Nat was the fact her mum loves to keep her car squeaky clean.

No matter how uncanny the mess was to their beloved Bentley, it was never going to last long on Sandra's motor.

Mum Nat continued: "As much as we admired the artwork there is no way she would have kept it on there as its a new car and her pride and joy it's always kept immaculate.

"She takes great pride in keeping her car clean especially as its white, taking it to the car wash at least once a week."

Living by the south coast makes it possible that the sketch was the work of a particularly talented seagull or just a bird winging it.

Nat added: "We are about three miles from the sea so not sure about seagull or not. It could possibly have been as we do get a lot of them around this area too."


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