Woman horrified as fluffy dog returns from groomers ‘looking like a raw chicken’

A dog owner was stunned when her pet returned from the groomer looking unrecognisable.

TikTok user Tyler said her dad had taken her dog for a trim two months ago and had asked the groomers to "shave off as much as they could".

Showing the transformation on her account @tigerlil_y, Tyler shows a photo of her dog in a thick coat with fur almost covering her eyes.

Then she moves on to show her pooch after the visit at the pet groomer and it's fair to say the pooch looks like a completely different dog. She is shaved to the skin and left with little to no fur on.

Tyler said the family bought the pet a jacket to keep her warm until she grew the fur back.

She wrote: "I promise you it's the same dog. We looked into her eyes and saw regret."

The drastic transformation left viewers shocked and some said the dog came back looking like another breed.

One said: "That's a Chihuahua now."

A second joked: "They gave you back a raw chicken."

"I can see the terror in her eyes," a third added.

Tyler late gave an update to her viewers showing her dog is already growing her hair back.

In other dog news, a "stray" pooch was filmed reuniting with his owner's sister by chance in heartwarming footage.

The shabby canine recognised his owner's sibling and followed her car until she pulled over and took him back home.

Another dog was caught "holding back tears" after her owner decided to save money she'd spend at the dog groomer and give her pooch a simple trim at home.

The DIY trim did not go well and the result left viewers confused of the dog breed.

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