Woman distraught after being wedged in between two obese people on flight

A right-wing commentator claimed she was "touched without consent" after she was "wedged" between two obese passengers onboard a flight.

Sydney Watson let rip into the travellers in a rant online and said she felt "crushed" for the duration of her three-hour American Airlines flight.

The Australian-American political commentator complained that she was "sandwiched" between the two holidaymakers and felt uncomfortable on her journey.

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But she was left gobsmacked after the airline offered a response in defence of the passengers.

Watson wrote on Twitter, alongside photos of her eating situation: "I am currently – literally – wedged between two obese people on my flight."

"This is absolutely NOT acceptable or okay. If fat people want to be fat, fine.

"But it is something else entirely when I'm stuck between you, with your arm rolls on my body, for 3 hours."

Her comments were also accompanied by two images of the other passengers' arms, reports The Mirror.

The official Twitter account of American Airlines responded: "Our passengers come in all different shapes and sizes. We're sorry you were uncomfortable on your flight."

Ms Watson was furious about the company's response and continued her rant, writing: "This is really their official reply to me being sandwiched between two obese humans.

'"Holy sh*t. So, I'm expected to have only a quarter of a seat when I fly?

"I just experienced getting sweat on, touched without my consent, smacked in the face and subjected to hours of no personal space.

"And your response is essentially 'too bad'? Is that what I'm getting here?"

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The response tagged the airline before she continued to moan to her 317,000 Twitter followers about her unpleasant flight.

She added: "I don't care if this is mean. My entire body is currently being touched against my wishes. I can't even put the arm rests down on either side because there's no f***ing room.

"I'm sick of acting like fatness to this extent is normal. Let me assure you, it is not.

"If you need a seat belt extender, you are TOO FAT TO BE ON A PLANE,

"Buy two seats or don't fly."

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Watson conceded she had not personally booked the middle chair on American Airlines, but company booked it who paid to fly her to an event.

One Twitter user responded to American Airlines: "If your passengers come in all different shapes & sizes, why are your seats only wide enough for medium-sized people?'

American Airlines' corporate account responded: "We offer a variety of seat sizes and styles, so our customers can select what works best for them."

The company also provided a link which showed the various classes (economy, business, first) passengers can sit in.


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