Woman ‘died’ during cut-price boob job in Turkey and only found out weeks later

A Brit woman who flew to Turkey to have a boob job clinically died during the operation but only found out after she developed life-threatening sepsis.

Lisa McDonald, 47, flew to Turkey with her sister Sacha, 41, to have a "mummy makeover," which included a boob lift, implants and liposuction.

The pair forked out £4,300 for the package, with Sacha paying £5,200 for the same, plus a tummy tuck, and flights with a week’s hotel stay in Istanbul thrown in.

As the pair entered the clinic, alarm bells immediately started to ring as Lisa said she was "tied down using some old rope" on a bed that looked like it had been "cobbled together using planks of wood".

Lisa said she was in "agony" when she came round and "believed she was going to die," but little did she know she already had.

Three weeks after Lisa flew back to the UK, she collapsed at home and was rushed to Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, where medics told her she had developed sepsis.

Doctors told Lisa she had 12 hours to live unless they removed the implants, a brand which she later found out was banned in the UK and Europe.

She was also told that medics in Turkey had actually resuscitated her, and her "completely fractured" ribs were a sign of CPR.

Lisa said: "My chest was incredibly painful and I was struggling to breathe. They put us in a little room and just left us there. We had no pain relief, no consultation, not even basic fluids. I couldn’t even get off the bed so I was having to go to the toilet into a towel.

"I was throwing up but no one came to clean up. I believed I was going to die. Little did I know that I already had.

"They found my ribs were completely fractured. They said it was a classic sign of CPR, where the surgeons gave me chest compressions. It’s hard to believe I died and no one told me."

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Speaking about the clinic, Lisa said: "It looked like something from the Third World. It was cold and dark and the floor was covered in sheets.

"The bed looked like it had been cobbled together from planks of wood and they tied me down using some old rope. It was scary but we’d paid so felt like we had to go through with it. When I came round, I was in agony."

A recent Channel 4 probe found many cut-price surgery firms in Turkey act as "agencies" for inexperienced or unqualified surgeons.

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