Woman, 101, still works as lobster trapper alongside her 78 and 79-year-old sons

A 101-year-old mum is still working as a lobster trapper despite her age, and she does it with her 78 and 79-year-old sons.

Virginia Oliver, from Maine, US, has worked at the job since she was seven-years-old and has no plans on slowing down any time soon.

Asked when she plans to do it until, she said: "Until I die, and I don't know when that will be."

Ms Oliver recently cut herself badly on the job, needing seven stitches. "And the doctor said to me, 'What are you out there lobstering for?'" she said. "And I said, 'Because I want to.'"

"Well, I don't care what he thought!"

She added: "I grew up with this. It's not hard work for me. It might be for somebody else, but not me."

She told the Boston Globe that when she first started, there weren't any women but her.

She started out with her father when it was considered ' man's job,' but her sons insist that she's the boss on the boat.

Asked how she would react if her sons didn't want to do the tough gig one day she responded: "No. I wouldn't put up with the stuff."

"She doesn't give up," her son Max told CBS. He added that if he wanted to retire, his mother would tell him, "You better have something wrong with you."

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The trio go out three days a week, May through November on Penobscot Bay, Maine.

They rise at 3 am and don't get into bed until 10pm. Max drives the boat and pulls in the catches, his mum's job is to measure the lobsters, throwing the small ones back into the water and banding the larger ones that they can sell.

One thing that has changed since she started is that there are much less lobsters, she said.

"My husband and I used to go out in all kinds of weather. There aren't as many lobsters today, though. They're way overfished, like everything else."

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