Winged tarantula bats claw through baby blankets and terrorise family

Winged tarantula bats are terrorising a family as the horrifying creatures tear through baby blankets, curtains and sofa cushions of their council house.

As though bats and tarantulas were not bad enough separate, it appears this Ayrshire, Scotland-based family are having to deal with a horrifying mix of the two.

Kathleen Cuthbert, 26, and her husband Ryan, 30, have left their Scottish home due to an infestation of "winged tarantulas" that have plagued their lodgings, eaten their baby's blanket and caused a nuisance.

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At least "three or four" of the winged beasts are said to be roaming the home that has been infested with the horrifying creatures.

Mum Kathleen said: "After we saw one they seemed to just multiply – there was three or four on our living room sofa. They were so small you could barely see them but they’d be right beside you."

Their home appears to contain multitudes of the winged beasts, with two-year-old Ryan finding beast droppings in his room, leading to the discovery.

Despite the horrifying appearance of these hefty hell beasts, South Ayrshire council has claimed they pose no threat to the family.

Following a bat conservationist and pest control team check, around a dozen creatures were removed from the property and a mass deep-clean was observed.

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But a bat box initially left in the attic had not been mentioned to the mum, as the council felt reluctant to move it since the winged tarantulas are an endangered species.

Kathleen continued: "We’ve got a fear of bats. It felt like they had just taken over our home. We are absolutely petrified of them.

"The first time we saw one it landed on my baby girl’s car seat and dug into her blanket. I was screaming. They are like tarantulas with wings, they just crawl about.

"When the council inspected our home they found bat droppings in our youngest boy’s bedroom and on his curtains. We noticed there was a weird smell in his room for months, and he kept getting chest infections."

The bat box has since been removed but the family have been left £1,800 out of pocket after they had to lop down some nearby trees to make sure the tarantula bats weren't hiding nearby, Metro reported.

A spokesperson for South Ayrshire Council said: "During the council’s housing services team initial visit to the property, every room was checked with the resident present.

"It was later confirmed by the bat specialist that all evidence pointed to bats being located in the downstairs areas of the property.

"After the bats were removed, the property received a full clean, and was cleaned again before the resident and her family made the decision to return home."

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