William was born knowing his job as Harry struggled to find purpose – expert

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Prince William is said to have been born "knowing his job," while younger brother Prince Harry "struggled to find purpose," a royal expert has alleged.

The royal commentator also claims that the Duke of Cambridge would "never do anything to jeopardise the reputation or the future of the monarchy."

New comments from royal expert Kinsey Schofield mark a clear line between the attitudes of Prince William and Prince Harry toward their roles in the Royal Family.

The author of R is for Revenge Dress, which is published by Simon & Schuster on November 15, says that the Duke of Sussex had struggled to find "purpose" in his time with and without duties for The Firm.

Expert Schofield said: "Prince Harry has simply struggled to find his purpose in life.

"Prince William was born knowing what his job would be and knowing that loyalty to his family was a necessity for the survival of the monarchy.

"He has made every decision in his life with the crown in the back of his mind. Including his relationship with Kate Middleton. Harry does not have the same goals.

"He has struggled to find purpose. Perhaps he is envious of Prince William knowing what the outcome of his life will likely be."

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Schofield also alleged that Harry's actions had caused "damage" to the family, despite the Duke of Sussex attempting to carve out his own future.

She added: "Harry is trying to create his own life and future, very similar to Princess Diana towards the end of her life. There’s no question that he is struggling and prioritising his happiness over harmony within the royal family.

"Prince William also prioritises his family but would never do anything to jeopardise the reputation or the future of the monarchy.

"Perhaps Prince Harry thinks he would not either. Maybe his actions weren’t intentional. But stupidity is not a justification for the damage that has been done over the last several years."

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