William Shatners trip to space the most profound experience I can imagine

A visibly emotional William Shatner told Blue Origin boss Jeff Bezos that his short flight into space was “the most profound experience that I can imagine”.

The Star Trek legend was completely overwhelmed by the experience of seeing the blue skies of Earth suddenly change to the infinite blackness of space.

“The colouring of blue… this security blanket… you shoot through it all,” he said, barely able to express the feeling of leaving the tiny protective bubble of our planet.

He was overcome by seeing the huge empty expanse of space, saying “there is Mother Earth below you and the black… is that death?”

"There's this soft blue," Shatner said. "And it’s so thin. And you’re through it in an instant."

After a lengthy delay because Blue Origin engineers identified an “anomaly in the engine” the man who encountered myriad fictional space anomalies was finally in space for real.

“Everybody in the world needs to do this,” he said, as he gratefully hugged the Amazon billionaire.

Shatner is not only the most famous celebrity to have travelled into space but also, at 90, the oldest person to ever leave the planet.

Blue Origin have sold over a hundred million dollars’ (£73.28 million) worth of tickets for these short space tourism flights, but at a reported $28 million (£20.52 million) a flight, that’s not many tourists.

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The New Shepard rocket and capsule aren’t actually design for orbiting the earth, but for suborbital joy rides to the the edge of space. At an altitude of more than 65 miles, passengers experience around four minutes of weightlessness.

After lofting the capsule into space the Blue Origin booster made another textbook sci-fi landing on its launch pad.

A few minutes later Shatner and Audrey Powers, Blue Origin's vice president of mission and flight operations, floated back in the crew capsule few minutes later along with two paying customers, Glen de Vries and Chris Boshuizen.

Shatner admitted he had been nervous about the launch. "I'm terrified," he told a a Comic-Con panel last week.

"I know!… I'm Captain bloody Kirk and I'm terrified!"

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