William has a different level of confidence after Harrys book, expert says

Prince William and Kate Middleton have "a different level of confidence" as they "continue to appear united against Prince Harry" in the wake of revelations from his memoir.

William and Kate continued their strong front as they arrived in secret at Windsor Foodshare on Thursday morning (January 26) and lent a hand at the Berkshire facility in Dedworth Green Baptist Church.

The Prince of Wales showed his humorous side when he "joked about knobbly vegetables" with the volunteers, and body language expert Darren Stanton – dubbed the “Human Lie Detector” – says the "banter" between the couple is telling.

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As well as commenting on the couple’s "growing confidence levels", Darren also shared the telling signs that prove the pair are "unfazed" by Prince Harry's revelations.

"Kate and William show a human side to the Royal family’during the jokey appearance," he said, speaking on behalf of Slingo.

“I think the clip of William making fun at Kate’s cooking is also a very endearing piece of footage. It shows them as a normal couple who are willing to have a laugh and joke at each other’s expense, even though they are the future king and queen."

Darren added: "The fact they are willing to banter with each other in public also signifies that they are comfortable within their surroundings."

At one stage when Kate was chatting to a group of four volunteers, William also joked that they should pick up the pace and stop talking.

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He also joked with one volunteer that Kate usually does the shopping for their home.

Their demeanour, Darren said, shows how "unfazed by the drama surrounding Prince Harry" they are.

"I feel that whatever thoughts and emotions they have regarding the current situation, they are doing their best to remain professional and have refrained from showing any leakage gestures," said former Derbyshire Police officer Darren.

"During testing times, some couples often show small signs of discomfort or nerves, however William and Kate are continuing to stand united against Harry’s actions."

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