Wild ways Russians are fleeing – biking in Arctic to sailing to South Korea

Terrified, angry Russians are fleeing the motherland in their thousands as they try to get away from Putin’s vile war, and some have developed unusual methods.

Vladimir Putin announced he was introducing a ‘partial mobilisation’ – the conscription of 300,000 civilian men to join the ‘meat grinder’.

Ukrainian officials have already claimed their forces have ‘liquidated’ over 62,000 Russian troops as of yesterday (Sunday, October 9).

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In an understandable desire to avoid this, images have emerged of people leaving the country in droves.

They’ve been spotted lining roads and walking in massive convoys as they try to leave the country.

According to Reuters, hundreds of thousands of men have already left, but reports have come in of border crossings becoming increasingly difficult.

In efforts to escape, some have been adopting desperate methods.

Last week, two blokes made headlines when they escaped Russia by crossing the Bering Strait in a boat.

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The oceans and seas surrounding Russia appealed to others too.

On September 27, eight sailors headed to Russia’s eastern city of Vladivostok. From here, BBC Russia reports they sailed southward down to South Korea.

They were at sea for five days, crossing the sea of Japan in a wild bid to get out of their home country.

The perilous journey even saw them have to take a wide berth around waters belonging to North Korea.

They allegedly said they’d been planning the trip for a later date but expedited the journey following the mobilisation.

But the men's incredible move to leave the country is far from isolated.

Another intrepid escapee, 27-year-old Ilya, travelled from the northern city of Murmansk, over a hundred miles north of the Arctic circle, in a bid to reach Norway by bike.

The 150-mile-long cycle was done on a second-hand bike bought just days before when Putin made the announcement on September 21.

The long ad freezing ride saw him arrive in the Norwegian town of Kirkenes, where hotels were reported to be entirely booked out by Russians waiting to try and get a flight down to the country's capital, Oslo.

“Luckily I was training for a triathlon just before the war started. I didn’t think it would come in as handy”, he told theGuardian.

People have been leaving everything they have behind. Many have been fleeing to neighbouring Kyrgyzstan where efforts have been made to help the big influxes of foreigners settle into a new life having left their old at the drop of a hat.

The Kremlin has claimed that reports of men leaving have been exaggerated, but the claims appear to be unfounded.

At the end of September, reports came in regarding huge miles-long queues on the border with Georgia that also saw men taking bicycles to circumnavigate a law preventing them from crossing on foot.

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