Wife poisoned abusive husband with drug-laced biscuits and locked him in freezer

A woman killed her husband with cookies and milk laced with sleeping pills before stuffing his corpse in a freezer.

Rebecca Payne from Walepup, northern Australia, could face life behind bars after she was found guilty in March 2023 of murdering her 'bully' husband, Noel Payne.

The 43-year-old sat in front of the Supreme Court of Victoria to request a less harsh punishment on the grounds that he had been abusing her.

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After slipping him the laced treats in September 2020, police alleged that she then stuffed her husband’s body into a chest freezer.

Australian pathologists could not figure out whether he had died from the pill or whether he had suffocated after being trapped in the icy freezer,MailOnline reports.

While she did not deny killing her husband, who was 68 when he died, Payne claimed that she was being cruelly treated by him.

The Australian court heard that Noel was actively cheating on Rebecca, even going as far as bringing the other woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and making her live with the couple.

Payne's barrister Richard Edney told jurors that Noel had raped and bullied both women throughout the course of their deranged relationship.

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Her defence added that her body is branded with 18 tattoos of her husband's name in a twisted show of possessive behaviour.

Noel’s mistress appeared to corroborate Payne's claims, telling the court in a witness statement that she was better off now that he was dead.

“He wanted to keep me all for himself. If Noel wasn’t dead my life would still be worse. I hate Bec for what she’s done but life is now better than it was,” she said.

Despite the claims and witness testimony, crown prosecutor David Glynn told the court that they should not see Rebecca as anything other than a stone-cold killer.

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“It must have been ghastly. I mean to just do that, to do what she did to him. That is something that anyone I think who wasn't a psychopath I'm not suggesting she is one would recoil from," he said

“It would require a significant degree of determination and grit to do what she did … she had that grit, she had that foresight, she had the determination, but she applied it to this purpose, that is murder, rather than a different way that she could have extracted herself, namely working out a way to leave that marriage,” he added.

Payne will be sentenced next week.

If you have been affected by issues of domestic violence or coercive control you can call Refuge's 24-Hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline for free. The number is 0808 2000 247


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