Weird creatures flocking coming to Brit beaches as UK looks more like the Med

British beaches are being overrun by weird creatures – and some even pose a danger to sun-chasers.

Due to the country's hotter-than-normal weather in recent years, the UK's coastline is looking more like the Mediterranean than Skegness – to some lost beasts anyway.

With the hotter weather there's been an influx of sea life rarely seen in this country.

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From sharks to turtles and jellyfish, experts are now claiming that some of the creatures are going to cause issues in the long wrong.

Speaking to North Wales Live, Frankie Hobro, the owner and director of Anglesey Sea Zoo said: “In August into September, we've been getting water temperatures of 18-19C, and occasionally 20C – these are what you would expect to see in the Mediterranean.

“As the sea continues to warm, we’re having to turn on our water tank chillers earlier in the year to water temperatures cool for our native marine species.

“The chillers used to go on in late May or even June, now they’re being switched on as early as April.

“If the warming trend continues, over the next decade we’ll see a change in the diversity of marine life in UK waters, and already we’re seeing (poisonous) puffer fish and triggerfish being caught in lobster pots here, and their number will likely increase.

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“At present, the NHS is not really geared up for poisonous stings and bites from fish and jellyfish.”

Oddly the NHS website's main advice if someone is stung by a jellyfish is to “ask a lifeguard” or someone with first aid training for help.

There is also advice on how to avoid being stung, as well as a slightly-outdated list of which marine animals do sting you on British beaches.

The list hasn't been updated since June 16, 2021, and isn't set to be reviewed again until June 2024.

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