Wayne Couzens under suicide watch

Sarah Everard's killer is being held in a single cell with high security at Belmarsh.

The rapist and murder is in the Special Secure Unit which houses 18 men in single cells, where he is being watched to ensure he doesn't pose a risk to himself.

On Thursday, the Old Bailey heard how the Met Police Officer kidnapped, raped and murdered Sarah Everard after a false arrest in Clapham, South London this March.

Couzens who will die behind bars after being sentenced to a whole life order, used his warrant card to lure the marketing executive who was on her way home after dinner with a friend, under the pretence of breaching Covid guidelines.

He is now reportedly being kept in a single cell with bare walls and stripped-back furniture.

He has also been given special clothes that can’t be torn into strips to make a noose. Everything Couzens does or says in his cell will reportedly also be recorded in a log.

Held away in a secure yard away from the main body of the prison, the high security unit is described as essentially being a prison inside a prison.

The ex-cop was taken to hospital twice for "self-inflicted" head injuries while in custody.

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Self-harm aside, Noel Smith, an ex-prisoner who served 11 years behind bars for an armed robbery has said Couzens will be "targeted in jail" as "every prisoner is queuing up to make a name for themselves".

He said that people would be “queueing up to get at him,” and that Couzens would live fear of being stabbed or scalded.

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Meanwhile, both the Met police and the Scotland Yard are being slammed for their tone-deaf advisory urging women to question ununiformed officers who approach them.

The strategy which advises women to flag down a bus, shout out a passerby or call 999 if approached by a lone male cop has caused outrage with many branding it “deeply insulting" and "derisory".

The Daily Star has approached the Ministry of Justice for comment.

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