Warning as two-metre pet snake spotted ‘hiding in bushes’ in UK park

A two-metre snake has been spotted making its way through a city park bustling with people over the weekend.

Highbury Park in Birmingham warned visitors to keep their eyes peeled for the reptile which was either released by a reckless owner or escaped its vivarium for the hot weather.

A picture of the snake in the grass was taken on Sunday evening, putting park-goers on high alert for the safety of their children and dogs.

The RSPCA has urged whoever finds the lost reptile next, to contact the charity which will work with park rangers to collect it from the public space, BirminghamLive reports.

The reptile was said to be hiding in bushes near to the car park in Highbury after rangers said 'someone released their pet snake'.

Though it's not thought to be dangerous, parents or dog walkers were told to keep an eye out for the 'escaped or abandoned' animal, the park said.

Highbury Park released details, alongside a photo, of the snake on Sunday evening (May 30) as the park was busy with people enjoying the hot weather.

"We've been told by park rangers that someone has released their pet snake in the car park at Highbury," a park spokesperson wrote.

"The snake (pictured) which is two metres long, is hiding in bushes near the car park.

"It is not believed to be dangerous but please keep an eye out for small children and dogs in the meantime.

"It is thought it will resurface when it gets colder and the snake gets hungry. A bite will apparently give you salmonella rather than poison you.

"If you spot it please either contact the RSPCA or the park rangers on 675 0937, and please let us know if it is caught so we can let everyone else know."

The RSPCA said park rangers were on their way to collect the reptile, but urged anyone who spots the snake to contact them.

"We have had a call about this snake but as we understand it the park rangers were on their way to collect it. We are happy to assist them if they need us though.

"It sounds as though this snake is an abandoned or escaped pet so if it is still on the loose we would urge people not to approach it but to call us if they spot it."

Though it was not known if the snake had been dumped by its owner or escaped, the RSPCA said they are inundated with calls every year reporting abandoned snakes and lizards.

A spokesperson for the animal welfare service said: “Unfortunately, this sort of thing isn’t unusual and we receive thousands of calls a year relating to reptiles, like snakes and lizards, many of which have been abandoned by their owners.

“Snakes often end up in our care when owners realise the commitment that is involved in meeting their needs and keeping them healthy. This is why we’re always saying that people should do their research before taking on a pet.

"If anyone should find a snake they feel is an escaped or abandoned pet while out and about we would urge them to contact us on 0300 123 4999."

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