Wannabe MS-13 gang member lured murdered men into brutal machete attacks

Infamous gang MS-13 has seen another member of its organisation sent to prison after a woman was found guilty of luring four young men into machete attacks that cost them their lives.

Linez 'Diablita' Escobar, 22, pleaded guilty to the charges of luring four young men to their deaths in a brutal slaying that took place in 2017 in New York.

Four men were killed in an attack that federal prosecutors called "a horrific frenzy of violence" where the four men were brutally beaten and killed in a park.

The court case was concluded after three hours of jury deliberation, who needed just 16 minutes to find Escobar guilty of all counts, including federal murder and racketeering.

Escobar, whose nickname means 'Little Devil, faces life in prison at her sentencing on September 14, and victims of the families of slain youngsters say Escobar deserves the worst for luring the four men into a machete attack.

The four men killed in the attack were named as Justin Llivicura, Jefferson Villalobos, Michael Lopez Banegas and Jorge Tigre.

A relative of Mr Banegas said: "Personally for me, just kill her. End her. Make her suffer like she made them suffer. She didn't swing the machete, but she was the one who brought them there."

The relative, who did not want to be named, said they lost "remorse" for the "backstabber, the double-crosser" after she lured the four boys to a park under the pretence of smoking marijuana.

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Prosecutors noted that Escobar had even licked the blood off of her lips after watching the four men get brutally butchered by the notorious MS-13 gang.

The uncle of victim Tigre, Carlos Ullajuria, said: "She has to pay the price, in this life or the next. She deserves it because it's her fault my family lost someone.

"None of us are angels. We all make mistakes. But not like that, not what she did. It's very painful. For me, it was very hard, very painful."

Speaking to the New York Post, Ullajuria said he "wouldn't have the words" when asked what he would say to killer Escobar.

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