Vladimir Putin not about to retreat as Russia set on neutralisation

Russia: Putin 'not about to retreat' says newspaper article

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Russian newspapers have been portraying Ukraine as the new Nazi Germany as they seek to boost Russia’s image among the population. BBC Russia Editor Steve Rosenberg read out and illustrated some of the headlines and first pages of Russia’s main papers, and warned that Russian media are convincing their public that “President Zelensky is basically Hitler and that Russia is fighting the good fight” as they report that “Putin is not about to retreat” he is set on delivering his plant to “neutralise NATO”.

Referring to Russian newspapers headlines and articles, Mr Rosenberg said: “What will Vladimir Putin do next in Ukraine?

As to reply to the question, he showed an article from Moskovsky Komsomolets [Russian newspaper] which read, ‘[Putin] is not about to retreat. He’s prepared for a long, protracted fight. It doesn’t matter to him how long it takes.

“‘He is the absolute Commander in Chief…the chief Marshaller of all the resources of a giant country, which has only begun the monumental task of reorienting itself from the West to the East

“‘And if this part of that mission, the neutralisation of NATO in Ukraine will require more time and resources, what’s the problem?’.”

He continued: “There’s some extraordinary stuff here.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda reads the headline ‘Hitler’s former allies are not arming Ukraine’.

“The argument goes like this ‘back then 30 countries supplied the German Wehrmacht with weapons and ammunition’.

‘The economic power of Europe worked for the German fascists. Today it’s working for Ukrainian Nazis’.

‘The whole of Europe armed Hitler, just like its’ arming Zelensky. Remember how that ended’.”

Mr Rosenberg commented: “It’s as if the Russian authorities want the Russian public to believe that President Zelensky, Ukraine’s Jewish President, is basically Hitler.

“That Europe is backing Nazism

“And that Russia is fighting the good fight, when in fact, it was Russian that started this, by attacking Ukraine


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Continuing reading out and illustrating headlines and first pages of Russian main newspapers, he added: “And there’s more a few pages on.

“Here’s the letter “Z”, the symbol of Russia’s offensive in Ukraine

“It says [in the front page] ‘For the future’

“‘Our soldiers and officers are saving the world from Nazism, just like our grandfathers and great grandfathers did’.”

Russia implemented a new law shortly after the invasion of Ukraine in February threatening anyone speaking out against the war, or even calling Putin’s “special military operation” a war, with 15 years in prison.

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