Vladimir Putin braced for Kremlin ultra-nationalists mutiny

Russia tests hypersonic cruise missile in May 2022

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Britain’s former defence chief has suggested that Putin could be toppled in a Kremlin coup led by disaffected hardliners. Kay Burley asked the former defense chief on Thursday: “How secure is Putin? Do you think in his position?”

Lord Dannatt told the Sky News host: “I think he’s increasingly insecure. I think he’s insecure from a variety of threats. One is the ultra-nationalists [… ]Who don’t disagree with the war but disagree with the way that he’s been running it.

“And then I think there are others who actually are increasingly beginning to realise that this whole special military operation or war now by any other name, is doing no good for Russia’s reputation, no good for Russia’s economy, and therefore there are other groups that could be putting pressure on him.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I think it’s a group of Russian leaders who are probably the most disaffected at the present moment. Are the Russian military leaders headed by Gerasimov, if he could find a plan and the moral courage to see it through. I could see a palace coup or Kremlin coup, being led by Gerasimov because the army is absolutely fed up with the interference of Putin.”


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