Vile paedo Jimmy Savile manipulated gullible Prince Charles on palace visits

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Jimmy Savile became pals with Prince Charles to keep police investigations off his back, a documentary reveals.

The twisted paedophile networked tirelessly to build an untouchable profile allowing his sickening abuse to continue in the shadows.

A new ITV documentary called Savile: Portrait Of A Predator explores his relationships with the rich and powerful, including Prince Charles who it is claimed let him "wander at will" around St. James' Palace.

It's also been reported that the vile sex offender would sometimes rock up at Kensington Palace unannounced and totally out of the blue.

Former Royal Press Secretary Dickie Arbiter says: "At the time Charles was gullible. I mean, I'm saying with hindsight he was gullible. At the time he was gullible, as was everybody else."

There is no suggestion that Prince Charles or his staff were aware of Savile's offending. Prince Charles' office declined to comment for the programme.

Clarence House declined to comment when asked by the Daily Star.

Savile worked painstakingly on his relationship with Prince Charles, first through his charity work and then more informally, the Mirror reports.

Richard Kay, former Royal Correspondent, says: "He inserted himself into their marriage in the way that he was someone who made himself available. And Charles liked having him around.

"He would turn up, Diana told me, at Kensington Palace, where she lived, uninvited and would manage to persuade the police on the, on the gate, who never let anyone in without an invitation, to walk in. She said he would sort of come and say, 'well, I'm just here just to check up on you'.

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"And she said that Charles used to sort of quip, that If there was a problem that needed sorting out, they'll get Jim to do it because 'Jim'll fix it''. I think she found it slightly unnerving."

According to Kay, Savile would "walk in and drift around Diana's apartment", while also going into the office to kiss the hands of the secretaries, sometimes "rubbing his lips" up their arms.

This is something he even carried out on Princess Diana," adds Kay. "He licked Princess Diana's hand and she recoiled from that. As she told me, it was something very creepy."

Arbiter describes some of Savile's acts as "unsavoury" and explains he didn't like the "ghastly" man from the start.

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"I did voice it at the time saying it's not really on and I did say that man is dreadful," says the former Royal Press Secretary.

"But he was pretty well established in government circles, with prime ministers of the day. And by being pretty well established, he was fairly untouchable."

In 1990, despite resistance from Whitehall, Savile finally got what he craved when he was given a knighthood.

Following his death in 2011, 214 crimes against Savile were recorded by 28 different police forces. The NSPCC puts the number of reports of sexual abuse relating to Savile at 500.

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