Very dangerous nuclear warheads spotted heading down UK motorway on truck

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An unmarked military convoy has sparked fury from campaigners after it was spotted trundling down a motorway.

The procession of olive-green military trucks was spotted through parts of Lancashire and Cumbria while on its way to Scotland, and some have been left furious by the "dangerous convoys" carrying nuclear goods.

A convoy of the trucks is said to have passed Kirkham, Preston, Garstand, Lancaster, Kendal, Penrith and Carlisle on its way to Scotland.

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Disarmament organisation Campaign of Nuclear Disarmament (CND) believes the trucks had nuclear weaponry on board, with their tracker suggesting that the UK's Trident missiles were on the move.

Although during its 50 years of transporting nuclear material along the roads in the UK, the Ministry of Defence has yet to report any incident that could pose radiation hazard to the public or environment.

But CND spokesperson Philip Gilligan has said the convoys are "increasing frequency" and could be affecting those around the area.

Gilligan said: "These very dangerous convoys seem to be carrying nuclear warheads past our homes, schools and hospitals with ever increasing frequency.

"At the same time, those of us who are most likely to be affected by an accident involving one are given little, if any, information about when they will pass our homes or about the specific dangers involved."

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Gilligan, speaking to LancashireLive, continued: "At a minimum, we need to know, if, and exactly how, we can begin to protect ourselves and our children from the alpha emitting plutonium and uranium particles which could be dispersed if an explosion resulted from an accident involving one of these MoD carriers?

"Better still, these the convoys should be taken off our roads altogether. We do not need nuclear missiles, and we would all be much safer without them on our roads."

A spokesperson for the MoD said: "Defence nuclear materials are transported only when necessary, and the safety and security of the public are the highest priority.

"All convoy operations follow strict and safe procedures, and the MOD is equipped to respond to any incident, no matter how unlikely."

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