Valentines Day blaze destroys couples home as romantic night turns to horror

A family have been victims of a horrific Valentine's Day fire which saw their their home and all of their possessions destroyed in the blaze.

Lana and Connor Scott, as well as children Molly, 11, and four-year-old Miles, had only moved into their Welholme Road, Grimsby, home since July, 2022.

Now their once lovely home looks more like a "warzone".

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According to Grimsby Live, the parents had put the children to bed and were about to watch a film with a glass of wine when their electricity cut out.

But when Connor went to check the fuse box, he opened a door near their tumble dryer and was hit by flames everywhere.

The laze was caused by a fault with the appliance, but the couple, the children and their pet dogs thankfully managed to get out alive and unharmed.

Humberside Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene and stopped the fire – but it was too late and the entire house had been destroyed.

Lana said: "We were just about to watch a film with a bottle of wine with it being Valentine's Day. We put the dryer on like we do every night and let the dogs out before sitting down.

"Ten minutes later the electric tripped out and Connor went to check on everything and flames were just coming out every where – within the space of about five seconds, we got out, but I can't even describe what I saw or anything, it all happened so quickly.

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“I've never seen fire travel like that in my life and now my house is condemned with no way of staying in it at all.

“I've got no home and all my possessions are smoke damaged and the furniture burnt.

"We've only been here since July, but this is the only house I have loved and I'm absolutely heartbroken with what's happened.”

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family, with £760 of the £2,500 total being raised so far.

Until new permanent accommodation is set up, the children have been moved to their grandparents' home, while Lana and Connor – and the dogs – are staying with friends.

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Lana added: “I still can't believe it's happened, everything we've built over the past five years, our entire lives, it's just gone.

“24 hours ago this was a normal house, it just doesn't make sense, I just feel numb.

“People have been so kind to us though, especially our neighbours.

“Everyone has been so helpful, the response from everyone has been lovely.”

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