US tank deliver will need Herculean effort as state set for trouble

WW3 fears: US tanks fire live rounds in training

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The US could run into logistical trouble during any future attempts to send Abrams tanks to the Ukraine front, US and European military experts have said. Robert Abrams, a retired four star general for the US army who has decades of experience with the tank named after his father said the effort to send tanks will be “Herculean”. His comments comes as the US finalises its plans to send around 31 M-1 Abrams tanks.

He told reporters it could take a very long time to prepare everything for the delivery of the tanks.

He said: “The time it would take to get there — to be able to build up the supply stockage, to deliver the vehicles, to train the crews, to train the mechanics, to gather everything you’d need — how long would that take?”

Answering his own question while speaking to the New York Times, he added: “I don’t know, but it ain’t like 30 days, I can tell you that.”

Some US officials have reportedly said it could take years to deliver the tanks although why isn’t exactly too clear.


The delivery of weapons and vehicles to Ukraine is remains highly secretive with Pentagon officials declining to talk to US journalists about weapons deliveries to Ukraine.

Heinrich Brauss, a NATO assistant secretary general said he was “not even sure the capitals know in detail” how the deliveries work but noted they somehow “manage” it.

However, some Western officials have said there are areas where the tanks can be delivered in Europe with ease, the New York Times reported.

They have outlined delivery routes to Poland, Slovakia and Germany.


Ukraine is expected to retrieve its new tanks from these NATO countries rather than wait for a direct delivery.

This is because of concerns over provoking Russia who could strike a convoy of weapons.

A Kremlin spokesman today said all the allied tanks would “burn like all the rest”.

After weeks of reluctance, Joe Biden is set to announce the delivery of Abrams tanks to Ukraine at 5pm.

Yesterday, the Pentagon refused to confirm the decision but said the US was “continuing to have discussions about what are the medium- and long-term defence requirements”.

Germany has also finally agreed to send Leopard 2 tanks, something its leaders said they wouldn’t commit to until the US agreed to send Abrams tanks.

Olaf Scholz announced his decision today following a cabinet meeting.


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