US Election polls tracker: Trump support CRASHES as shocked voters react to first debate

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US voters tuned out of yesterday’s debate feeling “annoyed” according to results of a poll published by CNBC. They found 69 percent of people they surveyed felt this way after watching the exchange, which saw Donald Trump hurl a ballistic array of insults and accusations at his competitor. Joe Biden also lashed out in return, asking the incumbent to “shut up”, and the same survey found most people also felt ill-informed as they were shocked.

While both candidates ultimately caved into rhetoric, the President did so more than his rival.

He has paid the price for his conduct, with a dip in backing from political punters.

According to, Mr Biden’s lead has held fast, and people have turned off the President.

They have cut former Vice President’s odds across the board.

Mr Biden now sits atop odds of 8/13, up from 8/11 thanks to an immediate reaction from betters.

Mr Trump’s progress has drifted backwards, down to 11/8 following the debate.

Oddschecker revealed most users backed Mr Biden over the last six hours alone, with 55 percent putting their cash on his ticket.

Mr Trump, on the other hand, has attracted just 40 percent of the betting share.

He has now dropped to least popular of the two candidates, bucking a trend which saw him as favourable despite lagging behind in the polls.

Oddschecker spokesperson Callum Wilson said people have developed a “keen interest” in Mr Biden following his bout with Mr Trump.

He said: “In a debate which was light on policy and heavy on childish one-upmanship, we realistically learned little from the first Presidential debate – although a lack of any major gaffe from Joe Biden has seemingly given the Democratic candidate the first round.

“Punters have taken a keen interest in Biden following this debate, and should he perform similarly well in the remaining two, we will only see his price of victory shorten further.”

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Although the odds have shortened in Mr Biden’s favour, experts rarely put any stock in the transformative abilities of a debate.

They rarely cause much of a shift when it comes to official polls, as candidates mostly pedal lines they have already drawn.

Geoffrey Skelley, an election analyst with poll aggregators FiveThirtyEight, explained Mr Trump would have changed few minds with his claims.

Many of his lines likely fell flat, as they have already.

Mr Skelley said: “He certainly tried to argue that Biden is a leftist or that he’s in league with radical socialists.

“He also tried to attack Biden on ‘law and order’ by claiming that Biden wants to defund the police.

“But Trump’s campaign has been trying these lines for months without much apparent success, including at the GOP convention. Why would it work now?

“Perhaps more people are paying attention now and some lower-information voters could be brought in by his appeals, but even then I’m pretty sceptical.”

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