Urban explorers find woman’s ashes in urn at creepy abandoned farmhouse

A group of urban explorers found the ashes of a woman while searching an abandoned farmhouse.

They stumbled upon the cremation urn, from 2005 and which bears the name Laura Parker, inside a caravan at the site in Lincolnshire.

The explorers are now hunting for her family to reunite them with the ashes, Lincolnshire Live reports.

They found them at the premises in Tupholme, near Lincoln, on Sunday.

Ash Bellamy, one of the group, said: "We explored a garage then came across the house and got inside, not breaking in or damaging anything.

"After the house, we found a caravan. We got inside that and while having a look around we came across the urn of ashes.

"The name on the urn was Laura Parker who had died on April 28, 2005.

"I was wondering if there's anything I could do to try and find the family so the ashes are not disrespected and get lost – we did leave the ashes at the building.

"The place looks totally derelict like no one had been there in years."

The date of the cremation at the City of Lincoln Council's crematorium is May 11, 2005, and the funeral director was Lincolnshire Coop.

Urban exploration is the activity of searching the ruins of buildings or climbing up structures and going down into tunnels.

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Steve Gray recently posted eerie footage online from his exploration of homes in an undisclosed woodland near Louth, Lincolnshire.

He said the forgotten village had two houses, a manor house and a church.

In January it emerged the Churches Conservation Trust had spent more than £13,000 in repairs at St Botolph's Church in Skidbrooke, near Louth, since 2015.

The Grade I listed church has been repeatedly vandalised due to the popularity of 'ghost-hunter' videos.

Vandals have visited in the belief the church is haunted, with damage carried out to the roof, church doors lit on fire and bricks pulled from the walls.

Animal carcasses and evidence of Satanic practices have also been left at the site.

But groups like The Retford Ghost Hunters, which has investigated the site, claimed it is unfair to suggest such groups are to blame.

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