UKs snootiest town where residents hate McDonalds and fear wrong crowds

The UK's "snootiest" town appears to hate McDonald's and other fast food chains, and has a fear of the "wrong crowds" too.

Farnham, Surrey, has been labelled as an incredibly "snooty" place to live and has garnered quite the online reputation by those put off of visiting the town.

Complaints of "middle-class" living and "babyccinos" were levelled at the 39,488 people living within Farnham, whose fears of Poundland, McDonald's and the usual chains of the high street were raised.

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Such a snooty reputation was reported by The Mirror, but locals believe the reputation of their town is "completely undeserved".

Ethan Green, who manages the Farnham-based Castello coffee shop, refuted the "snooty" reputation, instead noting that the people Farnham were a "delight".

Green said: "I have the loveliest customers in all of Farnham. They’re a delight. Snooty is a horrible way of putting it. They have fine taste, but they're not snooty.

"That word has such horrible connotations. The people here value their money and they want to spend it well. The council and lots of residents are very against big chains coming in, they'd hate it if a McDonald's were to open."

The push against big chains was previously reported, with some residents worried that a Poundland would attract "the wrong crowd".

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In among the littering of Waitrose, Jigsaw, Sweaty Betty and Whistles, it would appear locals were worried a Poundland would offer little in the way of variety.

One resident, Colin Witcher, said the store would likely be a hit with university students as "the shopping isn't very good for young people".

It comes after a previous report of the area said "showing the world just how middle class you are is an absolute must" for living there.

Farnham had also been mocked for allegedly having its school runs feel like competitions where residents would show off "how much money you have".

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