Ukrainian soldiers send Russian conscripts gory warning images of dead comrades

Ukrainian soldiers are determined to give new Russian recruits a warning before they take to the front line, and they're doing it in the most gruesome manner.

Ukraine-led Twitter and Telegram accounts previously used to share information on the ground about Russian casualties were normally censored to keep the gore-levels down.

But since Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he was calling up 300,000 recruits to his much-depleted army, the channels have gone all-out, no-holds-barred, on gruesome content in a defiant warning message to those joining Putin's army.

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Earlier this week Ukrainian soldiers fighting against Vladimir Putin's invading forces shared a gruesome video of pigs gorging on what is allegedly a dead Russian Army captain.

The clip was shared on the infamous Cargo 200 Telegram Channel, where Ukrainians routinely post gory images of Russian invaders to strike fear into their enemies' hearts.

That upload, titled: "Pigs eat the Russian captain", is 14 seconds long.

In it, six animals can be seen standing over what appears to be a corpse. Four of them are hard at work munching through it.

The person filming slowly walks around the horrifying scene, commentating on it as he does so. He can be heard identifying the corpse as a captain.

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The channel's pinned post on its Twitter account is a video of a bomb being dropped from a drone onto a still-alive Russian soldier clearly wounded in battle.

Body parts can be seen flying through the air in the final few seconds of the short video.

Other images and videos too gruesome for many to stomach show scalped dead Russian soldiers being held up by Ukrainian fighters.

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There are also several videos of tanks being blown up, soldiers being bombed and more – all in a bid to frighten Russia's hotchpotch army of elderly, those too young to really be in an army, and the remaining warn out troops who have been in Ukraine since February this year.

The gory Twitter account currently has 14,700 followers, with 5,500 more subscribed to the Telegram channel.

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