Ukraine MP warns Putin could start new offensive or seize east

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A Ukrainian MP has warned Vladimir Putin could start a “new offensive” or seize regions in the east as Russia tries to find a path to victory. Yehor Cherniev, an MP in the Rada from Ukraine’s centrist Servant of the People party, warned Russia has two ways of winning in the ex-Soviet state.

Writing on Twitter, the 37-year-old said: “Putin has two war strategies.

“His first option is Russia’s quick, complete victory and Ukraine’s capitulation.

“He may try to start a new offensive for Kyiv.

“Simultaneously, russians may try to hit some targets in the west of Ukraine to cut off our main transport routes.”

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Cherniev added: “The second option is longer.

“Russians may try to seize four regions in the east of Ukraine or Donbas.

“At the same time, they may try to begin preparing for the next military campaign in 6-12 months to achieve their goal – the elimination of our statehood and Ukraine’s annexation.

“But Ukraine and our allies also have some plans for him. Soon he would see them on the battlefield.”

During the early stages of Russia’s invasion effort last year, Putin’s troops targeted the capital city of Kyiv but failed to take it as its troops were forced to retreat.

Russia has since struggled as Ukraine has continued to make inroads in previously occupied corners of the ex-Soviet state.

Ukraine made significant progress against invading troops at the end of last year, particularly in Kherson.

However, Moscow has seemingly ramped up efforts to put pressure on Ukraine.

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The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) revealed Putin’s troops resumed its aerial bombardment of major Ukrainian cities.

In a recent intelligence update, the MoD said: “On January 14, 2023, Russia resumed long-range missile strikes against Ukrainian infrastructure, the first in approximately 15 days, launching tens of missiles.

“As with the previous eight waves of strikes since October 11, 2022, Russia primarily targeted the Ukrainian electricity grid.”

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