Ukraine LIVE: Russia in open hint of defeat as Putin vows to end war

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Ukraine: Ex-CIA director predicts ‘terrible, retreat’ for Russia

The Russian army has suffered major setbacks on the battlefield in Ukraine over the past week.

The Kremlin has seen Kyiv’s forces reclaim over 2,300 square miles in the north east of the country during its lightening Kharkiv counteroffensive.

Meanwhile in the south, Ukraine’s army continues to make steady progress against their Russian opponents, as they target recapturing the port city of Kherson.

During a televised meeting in Uzbekistan, the Indian Prime Minister told the Russian leader that “today’s era is not an era of war”.

Putin replied: “I know your position on the conflict in Ukraine, the concerns that you constantly express.

“We will do everything to stop this as soon as possible.”


Ukraine’s strategy to ‘choke out’ Russian troops in Kherson, conflict analyst predicts

Ukrainian Armed Forces are expected to encircle Russian forces in occupied Kherson in order to force Kremlin soldiers into retreat while avoiding a bloody street battle.

President Volodymyr Zelesnky’s advancing troops in the south are expected to encircle and “choke out” Russian soldiers in Kremlin-controlled Kherson.

Rather than a direct strike on the city which could deteriorate into an open street battle, the Ukrainian military is tipped to steadily isolate President Putin’s troops until they are forced to retreat due to a lack of resources.

Dr Patrick Bury, a senior lecturer in security at the University of Bath, spoke to to discuss Kyiv’s renewed counter-offensive against Russian-occupied regions in the south of Ukraine.

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