Ukraine good at humiliating Russians as Snake Island attacks turn into symbolic weapon

Retired Major General Jones reacted to Ukraine’s successful attacks on Russian troops around Snake Island and claimed the Ukrainian operation to gain back control over the occupied island has “significant symbolic resonance” to Ukrainians. He stressed Ukrainians have been “very good at humiliating the Russians” both at a “strategic level” and “on the ground”.

Major General Jones told Times Radio: “What I think the Ukrainians have been very good at doing throughout this conflict is humiliating the Russians.

“[They have been doing so] at the strategic level but also right down on the ground.

“Whether that is the use of social media, Tik Tok stories, those defenders of Snake Island using pretty colourful language to demonstrate their disdain for the Russians.

“Snake Island does have very, very important, significant symbolic resonance to them.

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“It is so symbolic.”

He also commented on Lithuania’s decision to block the rail traffic of some goods between Russia and its Kaliningrad exclave as part of the EU sanctions imposed on Russia amid its decision to invade Ukraine.

In the wake of the move, he said: “What Lithuania is going is entirely as you would expect them to do.

“They’re enforcing EU sanctions.

“The three Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, are a very interesting case in point.

“Firstly, we’ve worked a lot with some of them, the Estonians in particular in Afghanistan.

“They are great ad powerful NATO members.

“It was interesting after Crimea in 2014, NATO put forces up into those three Baltic states.

“In the case of the British, we put a battle group up into Estonia.

“The message was saying that ‘if you think, President Putin, you could be so bold as to put a step into Estonia, you might think you can get away with that but can you if there’s a British troop there, there’s a Canadian or American there?’

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“President Putin is first and foremost an opportunist.

“Those troops in the Baltic states that have been there since about 2015 are to make really clear to President Putin, there is no opportunity there”.

According to updates from Ukraine, Ukrainian troops have caused “significant losses” to the Russian army in a series of airstrikes as part of its counter-attack on Snake Island.

Airstrikes are believed to have been launched by 15 Ukrainian attack and reconnaissance drones.

The attack is believed to be the second major military success using missiles provided by western allies in support of its fight against Russia.

The updates followed Lithuania’s announcement of a ban of the rail transfer of some goods between Russia and its Kaliningrad exclave as part of the EU sanctions against Russia.

In light of the move, Secretary-General of Russia’s Security Council Nikolai Patrushev defined Lithuania’s actions as “hostile” and “in the violation of the international law”.

He warned: “Russia will certainly respond to such hostile actions, and the consequences will have a serious negative impact on the population of Lithuania”.

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