Ukraine destroys Snake Island post where it told Russia to go f*** yourself

Russian troops occupying the famed Ukrainian outpost Snake Island, which saw defenders tell a Russian battleship to “go f*** yourself”, has been hit by Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian sources, the Russian command post and anti-aircraft missile systems put onto the site after it was occupied early on in the Russian invasion were struck.

A statement from Ukraine's Operation Command South said that Russian forces on the island had been “reduced”, but failed to give any more details about how many Russian troops were killed in the strike.

The island is seen as a key vantage point for both countries.

The battleship which Ukraine told to go “f***” itself was the infamous Moskva ship, which now lies somewhere at the bottom of the Black Sea after sinking earlier this month.

A few weeks ago, the captain of the missile cruiser died in the catastrophe it faced in the Black Sea, Ukrainian officials claimed.

First Rank Captain Anton Kuprin, 44, was reportedly killed after the ship was fatally holed by Ukrainian Neptune missiles, according to Kyiv sources.

The Moskva was one of Vladimir Putin's largest ships and had already been used to devastating effect in the conflict, most notably at Snake Island.

After asking the defenders of the island to surrender, the Moskva's captain was told to "go f*** himself" by the brave soldiers.

Kuprin gave the order to bombard Snake Island on the first day of the war.

He “died during an explosion and fire on board the former flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation,” said Anton Gerashenko, advisor to the Kyiv interior ministry.

The official added: “We do not mourn.”

Other sources support the claim that Captain Kuprin was killed.

There was no immediate confirmation from Moscow on Kuprin, but Russia has failed to announce many prominent military deaths in the prolonged invasion of Ukraine.

Exiled Russian politician Ilya Ponomarev, 46, who eight years ago was the only MP to vote against Vladimir Putin ’s annexation of Crimea, said last week that he believed only 58 out of a usual crew number of 510 survived the Moskva disaster.

There were also reports that Vice Admiral Igor Osipov, commander of the Black Sea Fleet, has been detained over the loss of the flagship.

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