UK weather latest: Chart shows WHOLE country battered by ‘nasty’ system in days – new maps

After one of the hottest summers on record, the weather is set to take a dramatic turn this week as autumn gets into full swing. A new Atlantic weather front will batter the country, weather charts claim.

According to WxCharts, there is potential for some “pretty nasty wet and windy” weather to smash the UK later this week.

The weather chart shows the entire UK covered with rain clouds.

The south is expected to get hit with the wet weather by Friday, October 2 before the system sweeps northwards.

By Saturday, the entire country is forecast to see the wet and miserable weather hit.

Earlier today, BBC Weather forecaster, Carol Kirkwood, also warned the storm will bring disruptive showers and strong winds later this week.

She said: “The reason we’ve got this rain is because we have a weather front from the south-eastern corner of the UK, it’s moving further east through the course of the night.

“It’s fairly weak for now but it’s still producing light rain and also some drizzle. Very slowly through the day that will edge towards the North Sea clearing East Anglia last.

“Temperatures have fallen below freezing in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Temperatures today ranging from 12C in the north to 19C in the south.”

Ms Kirkwood then added: “We have a weather front coming through the night from the west introducing rain across Northern Ireland and by the end of the night across parts of western England.

“Bringing gusty winds through the Irish Sea and also through the western isles.”

According to the Met Office, Storm Aiden could be on course to hit the country bringing winds of up to 70mph with Scotland predicted to be hit the worst.

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Marco Petagna, Met Office meteorologist, said: “The Atlantic jetstream will really power up and could generate very wet and windy weather later in the week.

“Computer models show potential for deep areas of low pressure.”

Storm Aiden is also forecast to bring heavy rainfalls across the country, while temperatures are likely to drop from the mid-teens to very low single figures.

Alex Deakin, Met Office Meteorologist, added: “The weather could get very lively later this week so enjoy the relative serenity of Tuesday if you can where most places will be dry and bright with sunny spells after a bit of a chill in the air first thing.

“The main exception to the sunny skies will be across parts of eastern England, particularly East Anglia where again like at the weekend it will stay predominantly cloudy here.

“Finally though across eastern England we lost the cloud that was sticking around through the weekend.”

The UK is predicted to face five named storms throughout autumn and winter.

According to Leon Brown, head of meteorological operations at the Weather Channel, last year there were only four named storms.

Previously the Met Office warned autumn is expected to be windier than normal.

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