UK weather forecast: ‘Intense rainfall’ to lash Britain – 50mm to strike in 3-hour blitz

Much of the UK has basked in scorching sunshine over the past few days with thermometers in some parts nudging towards 26C. However, the country is expecting a massive change in the weather as rain sinks southwards across the whole country – with the risk of “localised downpours” and “thunderstorms” across southern England on Wednesday. Temperatures are also expected to take a huge hit – with highs of 26C in London on Tuesday, falling towards 16C by Friday, BBC Weather claim.

Grahame Madge, Senior Press Officer at the Met Office, warned the “rain could be quite heavy” over the coming days, and although no warnings are currently in place he said, “it is possible there could be a warning or two in place for rain”.

The Met Office spokesman added there could be as much as 50mm of rainfall in central England in a three-hour period as the front sweeps southwards on Wednesday.

He told “In terms of the front coming down, it will be moving from northern Scotland and work its way down reaching all places by tomorrow, with that bringing cooler conditions.

“There will also be a temperature drop in northern England of around 10C – Manchester 25C to 15C – not that much range in South East England but could see a 7C-8C plunge.”

He added: “We are entering an unsettled spell. Rainfall could well also be pepped up by the buoyant atmosphere – that’s a typical set up – that could cause thunderstorms or intense rainfall even if it doesn’t develop, with heavy bursts.”

Mr Madge noted the huge contrast to conditions many Britons have experienced over the previous month, with Northamptonshire only seeing 1.7mm in the last month – and now some areas expecting 50mm in just a few short hours.

Asked if the UK is likely to experience stormy conditions for the coming days, Mr Madge added: “As we switch to northerly airflow we will see over the weekend winds strengthening”.

Brian Gaze of The Weather Outlook, also forecasts unsettled conditions moving in this week.

He said: “Today it will be fine and warm for many but from tomorrow all regions can expect to see showers or longer spells of rain.”

The weather forecaster warned that tonight a “band of rain spreads southeastwards” before tomorrow morning “it will be focused on Wales and northern England”.

He said: “Ahead of it there could be a few showers. Areas to the north will be colder with clear spells.”

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Rainfall could well also be pepped up by the buoyant atmosphere

Grahame Madge, Senior Press Officer at the Met Office

For Wednesday, the forecaster warned the “showery outbreaks of rain” will continue to “spread southwards”.

The Weather Outlook forecaster said: “Locally there could be thunderstorms.

“The South East and East Anglia may remain drier, although there is a risk of showers breaking out in the afternoon. Cooler generally.”

Looking further forecast, the weather forecaster warned of much cooler and showery conditions smashing into Britain.

He said: “Thursday could begin with outbreaks of rain in the South East and East Anglia.

“They clear to leave a mix of sunshine and showers. It will be cool, particularly in the north.”

The forecaster added: “Through the rest of the week northerly winds bring changeable conditions.

“Daytime temperatures remain low for June and it will be windy with a risk of gales in the north.

“In sheltered locations ground frost is possible on some nights. Showers continue and in the north there could be longer outbreaks of rain with snow over the Scottish mountains.

“The cool and showery period is now expected to continue through the the weekend and into next week.”

Look further forward towards the middle of the month, the Met Office’s long-range forecast said there “seems to be a continuation of the changeable setup with further outbreaks of rain or showers, although there is considerable uncertainty”.

But they say that “longer drier, brighter spells” could develop towards mid-June, “especially across northern and western areas”.

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