UK weather forecast: Exact locations snow will hit mapped – is your area affected?

UK weather: Charts show high probability of snow across Europe

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The northernmost parts of the UK will be the worst affected, with bitter temperatures also coming for the rest of Britain. The Met Office is predicting snow in the coming weeks from November 17 to 26, coupled with a high chance of fog and frost in the north.

The long-range forecast reads: “A rather cold start to the period will likely be followed by a brief recovery in temperatures.

“This is before a possible trend down later on in the month.

“This would bring an increasing chance of some wintry conditions, mainly over the higher ground in the north, but with a slight risk to lower levels.”

From November 17 onwards, the chances of snow across the country are expected to sit at 50 percent, with Edinburgh and Glasgow both likely to be seeing their first snow this season.

Maps show a cold front coming in on Thursday, November 25, and getting heavier throughout the Friday and lasting into the weekend.

Snow is also expected in the north of England, the West Midlands, and Wales.

Several inches could fall in the worst affected areas of Scotland, with some snow settling elsewhere, but not enough to be overly disruptive according to current estimates.

November so far has been milder than expected for this time of year, with temperatures largely staying in the low teens during daylight hours for swathes of the UK.

NetWeather forecast Nick Finnis said: “The weather has been generally rather quiet, with high pressure in charge close to the west and southwest, more than low pressure.

“The coming week will continue this theme of calm but often grey and drab conditions across southern areas, with high pressure close to the south. Northern areas more unsettled.

Temperatures could be as high as 14C from Monday, but by Wednesday there will be a much colder chill in the air, with some snow expected in Scotland.

Temperatures during the middle of the week will reach lows of 9C in London and Manchester and 5C in Aberdeen.

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There will likely be a respite from the cold over Friday and the weekend for all areas, before the predicted snow deluge sets in.

The Met Office forecast for this week reads: “Rain moving south-eastwards across Scotland and Northern Ireland with patchy fog forming as skies clear later.

“Mostly cloudy across England and Wales, some showers in the southeast, and drizzle in the far west, with some fog patches forming later.”

On Monday, the forecaster predicts there will be “Fog clearing through the morning.

“Rather cloudy across England and Wales, showers far southeast and some light rain west and north.

“Sunny spells for much of Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

For the rest of the week, the Met Office is predicting unsettled weather across the far north, with settled weather throughout the rest of the UK, although overnight mist and fog will be common.

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