UK to be battered by 80mph winds and heavy rain amid Met Office weather warnings

Strong winds and heavy rain will batter several regions that are subject to Met Office weather warnings later today (October 4) and tomorrow (October 5).

A warning for rain that began at midnight will be in place until 10am this morning and applies to parts of western Scotland.

It has been forecast that 30 to 50mm of rain will have fallen during that 10-hour period with 80mm possible over some mountains, the Daily Express reports.

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Tomorrow will then see a second weather warning for the UK that stretches further south where 70 to 80mph gusts could pummel northern parts of the country for the whole day.

A Met Office statement read: "There is a chance of a deep low pressure system bringing gusts of 70 to 80mph to northern parts of the UK on Wednesday. Should this develop disruption would be expected.

"However, the most likely scenario is for gusts of 55 to 65 mph within parts of the warning area, most likely the northern Irish Sea and parts of eastern Scotland, bringing some more localised impacts. In addition, heavy rain may prove an additional hazard across north-western areas."

The initial rain warning may affect public transport, along with making driving conditions more difficult – especially during the morning commute.

But the second alert for wind, covering 11 regions across Scotland, England and Wales, is set to have more detrimental impacts.

It urges people to be cautious as there is a "small chance" of injuries and danger to life from flying debris, damage to buildings with tiles blown from roofs, public transport delays and cancellations, with roads and bridges potentially being forced to close.

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Households could be without power, and mobile phone network coverage could become skewed.

There is also a small chance of injuries being sustained from large waves and beach material being flung onto seafronts, coastal roads and properties.

Interactive maps from WX Charts show the winds will begin to move eastwards after Wednesday and completely clearing by end of play Friday (October 7).

The wider forecast for this week, as issued by the Met Office, adds: "Rain becoming focused across Wales, northern England and perhaps far southern Scotland, perhaps heavy on hills. Drier further south-east, some warm, bright spells. Brighter in north-west but some blustery showers."

Then from Wednesday through to Friday, it adds: "Windy with gales across many areas on Wednesday with rain, locally heavy, clearing east. Sunshine and blustery showers on Thursday and Friday, most frequent and heaviest north and west."


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