UK set to be hotter than Barcelona this weekend at 17C as ‘big freeze’ ends

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Brits are coming to the end of the 'extreme' freeze that took over most of February as temperatures are set to rise.

This weekend will see mercury rise to 17C, according to the latest Met Office forecast – and could be higher than Barcelona which is expected to see 16C on Sunday.

Britons endured ice, snow, freezing rain and floods during the beginning of 2021 but that's all about to change.

As the snow begins to melt, milder temperatures are forecast for most of the UK this week.

The sudden switch from subzero temperatures brought on by 'Beast from the East 2' and Storm Darcy will bring much-needed relief.

All of the UK is set to see a "warmer air mass, with daytime temperatures reaching 11-12C in the south, replacing days which never got above freezing the week before," predicts chief meteorologist of the Met Office, Neil Armstrong.

This coming Sunday, temperatures could soar as high as 17C with forecasters expecting mercury "way above average for this time of year."

  • UK weather: Temperatures to jump to 16C after Brits freeze in record lows

BBC Weather's Chris Fawkes added: "We’re starting to draw up more of a southerly flow of wind and that will start to drag up some of the warmer air from north Africa and Spain, which will push across westerly Europe and across parts of the United Kingdom."

It's a stark contrast to the mix of showers, sun and win the UK saw over the recent weekend, with 83mph gusts felt on the Outer Hebrides island in Scotland.

The milder weather will be a notable change on the horizon, as wintry hazards are still fought in the coming days. Freezing ran, snowfall and downpours affected some areas of the Britain, and caused flood alerts.

Mr Armstrong added: "There are still some wintry hazards to get through over the next few days, with low temperatures, strong winds and further snow especially in Northern Ireland."

However, from today, (Monday, February 15), the country will be warmer as a whole.

Rain showers will travel in the north west but central and eastern parts can expect drier conditions.

On the weekend, Greater London, Cornwall and Kent are expected to see 12C, with the potential of particular areas reaching 17C.

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