UK hot weather forecast: Britons to frazzle in 27C weekend blast – new maps turn RED hot

BBC Weather: Temperature red warnings grip Europe as heat spike reaches near 50C

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The UK is set to scorch in sizzling heat over the weekend, according to weather charts provided by Netweather. According to the Netweather maps, temperatures in some parts of the UK could reach highs of 24C on Saturday at 6pm. And on Sunday at 6pm, temperatures across England could hit 27C, the maps suggest.

While the past week has seen patchy weather with temperatures ranging between 12C and 22C, Netweather’s latest graphics also indicate that temperatures around 28C could arrive in the South East of England by the end of the month.

Spokesperson from the Met Office, Nicola Maxey, said: “We’re looking at a fairly benign weather going forward through the weekend with plenty of clouds around but some sunny spells as well.

“Temperatures for the southeast are probably going to reach 20C, 23C to 24C but some isolated spots could get a good spell of sunshine and may see around 25C potentially on Saturday.

“But Sunday may be a little bit cooler and then cooler again as we head into the start of next week.

“In terms of the rest of the UK it’s a fairly similar picture really but plenty of dry weather around particularly for the South and Southeast.”

The news comes after, record-breaking temperatures may have been recorded in Sicily.

The Met Office said that Italy experienced temperatures of 48.8C earlier this week in Syracuse.

If the readings will be approved, they will beat the previous European record registered in Greece over 40 years ago.

The Spanish temperature record, which stands at 47C is also set to be broken by the heat.

The Met Office said on Wednesday: “Today has provisionally seen the highest temperature ever recorded in Italy.

“SIAS (Sicily’s Agrometeorological Information System) have confirmed that Siracusa in Sicily reached 48.8C earlier this afternoon and if verified by the World Meteorological Organization it will become a new European temperature record.”

The scorching temperatures have also led to devastating wildfires across the continent.

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And BBC Weather forecaster Helen Willetts warned of more record-breaking temperatures across Europe.

She noted that Sicily will see some of the hottest temperatures after heat spiked to 48C on Wednesday.

Over the weekend, Spain will also have red warnings in place for the extreme temperatures.

Parts of far east Europe will see some heavy rain and potential flooding as well.

Ms Willetts said: “Red warnings still in force for the Adriatic, Italy, Sardinia area near Sicily for the day.

“This is because it looks as if on Wednesday we had a record-breaking temperature still here of 48.8C, still to be confirmed.

“The coming few days show the heat staying but ebbing away a little bit.

“The intense heat will be building in Spain here, red warnings here as well for parts of Friday due to the extreme heat.”

The BBC Weather forecaster added: “At the same time we have got this tropical cyclone-like system sitting across the Black Sea.

“So for parts of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and Turkey there will be some very intense further downpours to come.

“These could be flooding rains and it stays hot even though temperatures will tumble a couple of degrees in parts of Italy and around the Balkans.

“It will be hot and dry across Iberia.

“Iberia will also potentially see record-breaking heat for the end of the week and the weekend.”

While the UK is expected to experience some of the heat brought in by the heatwave in Europe, the temperatures are unlikely to reach above 28C.

Temperatures are expected to rise in the final week of the month from Monday, August 23 and could peak at 28C in the South East and around 24C in the South West on Thursday, August 26.

The Met Office said: “Although confidence is very low through this period, a general trend towards more settled conditions is likely.

“Somewhat unsettled and changeable conditions are most likely to remain in place at the start of the period, with these looking to give way to more settled, drier conditions by the end.

“Temperatures are likely to be above average, with the potential for hotter weather later in the month.”

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