UK hot weather: Britain braced for October scorcher as mercury rockets to 22C – new maps

BBC Weather: Warmer conditions and sunshine across UK

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Following the wet start to October, warm winds from Europe pushed over from the remnants of Hurricane Sam are set to see the UK bask in heat of more than 20C. Meteorologists hold the balmy weather for autumn cold last as long as ten days, with the UK’s mercury seeing it hotter than Turkey at times.

Maps show that from Thursday, south England and Wales will temperatures as high as 22C (71.6F).

According to WXCharts, the warm spell will last through to Saturday at least, with Sunday set to see the Mercury reach 16C (60.8F) in London.

The ‘Indian summer’ in the UK will see temperatures beat out much of Greece, with a majority of the country seeing 18C (64.4F) weather by 3pm on Thursday

The cooler conditions for Greece will continue throughout the start of October, with Athens seeing the highest temperatures at around 20C (68F) and the north of the country reading at 14C (57.2F).

Ankara in Turkey will also See cooler temperatures than the UK on Thursday, with 18C (60.8F) by midday.

However, on Friday the south of the country will begin to swelter in 28C (82.4F) heat.

According to WXCharts, temperatures in the UK will begin to return to a chilly 13C (55.4F) by Monday.

However, conditions are set to stay dry for much of the beginning of October, with lighter rainfall up to 1mm an hour seen occasionally over northeast England and the northern coast of Scotland.

Jim NR Dale, author of ‘Weather or Not?’ and founder of British Weather Services, described the British weather opening up to allow for a “relatively very warm” October.

He told “In the last 24 hours in the London area there was a wrap-around low-pressure system with some heavy rain, but this will not stretch into tomorrow.

“This stormy weather will go this evening into the North Sea.

“Next coming is an Indian Summer for the UK that will replace the wet weather that we saw yesterday.

“The UK will start to take in high pressure and warming winds coming into England and Wales.

“For the next ten days, there will be plenty of dry sunny and relatively very warm weather.

“Weather could be 22 degrees Celsius plus.”

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden also said: “In between the stormier spells some quite mild weather will develop.

“It could turn out to be a warmer than average month overall.”

However, while much of the UK will enjoy a warmer October than average, parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland are battening the hatches for more wind and rain ahead of the weekend.

A Met Office spokesman said: “Rain, heavy and persistent at times, will affect parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“It will be dry elsewhere with variable cloud, sunny spells and overnight fog patches. It will be warmer than of late.”

The forecaster has also issued a yellow rain warning for the east coast of Scotland from midnight on Thursday to 3pm on Friday.

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