UK heatwave: How hot will it get this week? Exact dates Brits will see 27C summer scorcher

BBC Weather: UK forecast increasingly hot temperatures

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Summery conditions have held in the UK since the Platinum Jubilee, with Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th year on the throne drawing out the sun. The next week will set that trend in stone with more sweltering temperatures. Britons can expect them to rise to their highest of 2022 so far.

How hot will it get this week?

Forecasters have teased heatwaves for the UK over the last few months, with temperatures steadily climbing since April.

Those predictions will finally bear fruit this week, the latest forecasts show.

After a comparatively cold start today, temperatures will increase by more than 10C over the next few days.

Maps from WXCharts show the southeast is the warmest part of the country and will remain so throughout the week.

Today’s temperatures are the coolest, maxing out at 20C in the south and 10C to 15C further north.

By Tuesday, June 14, the mercury will climb to 24C around London, while the rest of the Southeast rises to 20C to 22C, and the north closer to 16C.

Wednesday’s forecast sees London’s temperatures spread further through England, with Southampton, Birmingham, Manchester and the east coast hitting between 24C and 26C.

After gently picking up to 27C on Thursday, the heatwave will peak on Friday, June 17.

Sweltering temperatures will spread throughout England and into Wales, pushing the mercury to 19C in the early morning.

By the afternoon, London will become the hottest part of the country, reaching 30C around 3pm.

Wales and the rest of southern England will see temperatures of around 28C to 29C.

People will want to make the most of the searing heat as it will depart as soon as it arrives.

By the weekend, while the weather remains warm, rain and cloud will dilute the sun.

On Saturday, June 18, people living in London and a sliver of the south coast can expect temperatures of 24 to 26C.

But showers will prevent those in the area from making the most of the weather, with AccuWeather predicting 1.1mm of water over an hour.

Cloud will cover the rest of the country, where temperatures average around 10C.

In the week following, forecasters expect the mercury to return to its usual range, hovering between 20C and 24C in the south and 10C and 15C further north.

Long-range forecasts from the Met Office state that “fine but generally unsettled weather” will remain for the rest of the month until June 26.

Showers and “longer spells of rain” may break out in the northwest, while there is a chance of “thundery outbreaks” in the south.

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