UK Covid rate now over 5 times higher than Germany and 18 times higher than Spain – Europe

Covid UK death toll rises by 164

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The UK’s Covid case rate is now a staggering five times higher than Germany’s and an alarming 17 times higher than Spain’s according to the latest figures by Our World in Data. Why is a gap growing between the UK and its European neighbours? Should Brits be concerned?

After a promising fall in daily case rates in July, the numbers testing positive for the virus have been rising steadily since the end of September, with a further 49,156 confirmed cases on October 18.

On October 17 the UK recorded its biggest one-day Covid case rate increase in three months, as the new delta variant continues to cause soaring infection rates.

The latest data by Our World in Data has revealed the staggering gap that has emerged between the UK and Europe.

In the seven days to October 16, the UK had a rate of 596.81 positive Covid tests per million people.

Meanwhile, Germany recorded a case rate of just 106.80, which is well over five times lower than the UK’s.

Spain has recorded an even lower rate of just 32.91, a staggering 18 times lower than the UK.

Italy has also seen low case rates of just 41.24 for every one million people.

Worryingly it’s not just Europe that the UK is lagging behind, the US and India are among the many countries currently recording far lower case rates than the UK.

The latest data shows case rates in the US were more than 50 percent lower than the UK’s, as their case rates in the last seven days to October 16 stood at 256.79.

In comparison, India’s case rates are an impressive 50 times lower than the UK’s as their case rate is just 11.25 per million people.

Alarmingly the UK is also recording more than three times more deaths per million people than Spain, Italy and France, researchers from Our World in Data found.

Britain’s soaring case rates have been largely attributed to the Government’s heavy reliance on vaccinations as opposed to introducing tougher Covid-safety measures.

France, Italy and Spain now have similar vaccination levels to the UK, but they have managed to keep their case rates down by continuing to enforce social distancing measures.

For example, in Spain face masks are mandatory indoors, as well as outside when maintaining social distancing isn’t possible.

In France, similar rules apply, as masks are compulsory on public transport as well as in public indoor spaces.

The UK’s concerning rise in Covid cases has heightened calls for the Government to bring in stricter measures to help curb cases.

Some have called for the Government to introduce its “Plan B” for England.

Under this plan the Government would encourage Brits to work from home, mask-wearing indoors would be compulsory mask and vaccine passports could be introduced.

Professor Martin McKee from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine told the Financial Times: “These small measures like mask-wearing, distancing, ventilation and an emphasis on homeworking are greater than the sum of their parts.

“It really doesn’t take an awful lot to bring this down, as France, Italy and others have shown.”

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