‘Ugly’ dog with nasty skin disease turns into beautiful fluffball after adoption

A heartwarming video shows an "ugly" dog with a severe skin disease recovering and turning into a beautiful fluffy pet after being rescued.

Lhen Lim, 45, found the stray after the pooch was almost hit by a bus while looking for food in Cavite province, the Philippines in July last year.

In the clip, the injured dog's skin is pink and cracked and the poor animal seems to have a bad right hind leg which he won't put any weight on.

The poor dog looks anxious and when he turns around the skinniness of his haunches seems to indicate malnourishment.

Where he's not bald, the dog's fur is matted and stained yellow from the dust and dirt.

Not wanting to give up on the sick-looking pooch, animal lover Lhen puts some dog food on the pavement to feed and tame him, before taking him home with her.

After months of receiving care from a new home, the then-ugly stray recovered his original appearance and turned into a cute white dog now named Sunday.

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Sunday lives happily with Lhen's other pets, a total of 90, which she rescued from the streets as well.

In an updated video, the lucky pooch has a coat of pristine white fur and is chilling out on some blankets at Lhen's home, looking completed relaxed.

Lhen said she gave up her corporate job just to take care of the adopted pets full time and now sells items online to pay for their needs.

She said: "I used to live in the city but decided to live in the province just to make sure that they are safe because not all people understand what I'm doing."

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