UberEats customer finds two staples in her ice cream

A woman had to get emergency medical treatment after swallowing a staple from her ice cream, according to reports.

It isn't what you'd expect to find in a tub of ice cream, or any food for that matter. But soldier Jessica Torrens, 22, from Queensland, Australia, was tucking into a tub of Baskin Robbins that she ordered through Uber Eats when she found a second staple in her mouth.

The first staple passed through her bowel after cutting her throat, an X-ray later revealed. Torrens kept the second staple as a memento.

"Found some nasty surprises in my ice cream," she posted on Facebook.

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"Is this the universe telling me to stop treating yourself?"

She also uploaded a photograph of one staple and her ice cream, and the X-ray scan of the second staple.

"The one staple that managed to be consumed has missed main areas and only cause small scratches to my throat. Time to lay off the Baskins."

She told the Courier-Mail: "I thought it was really cold and that they'd just frozen their choc chips, then I noticed there was something in my teeth and pulled out a staple.

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"I had a few cuts in my throat. I can still feel a lump in my throat."

Torrens said she contacted Baskin-Robbins about the incident, who offered her more ice cream – hopefully without the staples this time – and an apology.

Torrens said she's concerned about the effects the staples could have had on an a child if they'd been the one to accidentally eat them instead.

She said: "I didn’t really want their free ice cream. They just said they could assure me that there would be no more staples."

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