Two-year-old suffers facial burns after thugs throw firework into her garden

A two-year-old girl has been hit in the face by a “modified” firework thrown into her garden on Halloween night.

The toddler suffered burns to her cheek, and the firework also set light to her coat and the curtains of her family home in Newry, Northern Ireland.

The little girl’s dad explain that the family were in their garden on Saturday, October 31, and she had asked if she was allowed to hold a sparkler.

He had just popped into the kitchen to find a carrot to use as an improvised sparkler holder when he heard an “enormous bang that left our ears ringing.”

"My daughter started squealing with pain,” he told Belfast Live, “and we noticed that the curtains were smouldering…"

He went on: "My partner took her quickly to A&E for her to get treatment and I was clearing up in the house, I was shocked by what I saw. The firework that had exploded in the garden had been modified, with another firework stuck onto it, which would have made the blast even bigger.

"I am not sure whether the firework was thrown into the garden by someone or what, but I cannot imagine who would do something like this.

"We are just thankful that the explosion didn't go into her eyes and do even further damage.”

He added that that the police had been very helpful following the incident and they have now launched an investigation.

A police spokesperson confirm that an investigation was under way, saying: “Police are appealing for witnesses after a two year old child was injured by a firework thrown into the garden of her home in Rockfield Heights, Newry yesterday evening, Saturday 31 October.

“The little girl was standing on the back doorstep with her parents at around 8.15pm when the firework was thrown over the fence and struck her on her face causing a large burn. The firework then exploded and set alight the curtains on the patio doors, which were open. The child’s coat was also burned.

“Police are asking for help in identifying those responsible. Please call police in Ardmore on 101, quoting reference 2463 31/10/20.”

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